Schedule - Day 1
September 11th, 2021

(New Delhi)
U.S. Eastern
(New York)
Session 1. Inauguration (invocation and Vedic mantras and Devi Stuti), Shraddhanjali to 9/11 victims, Inaugural speech by Shri Sushil Pandit Shri Maheshananda, Anjalee Swamy, Shri Sushil PanditPresiding: Richa Gautam6:30 PM (Sat)9:00 AM (Sat)
7:00 PM (Sat)9:30 AM (Sat)
Session 2. "Role of Ram Swarup and Sita Ram Goel's Voice of India in mapping the Red-Green alliance against Hinduism" / IslamDr. Koenraad Elst / Shri Neeraj AtriRishikesh Shenoy7:30 PM (Sat)10:00 AM
8:00 PM (Sat)10:30 AM
Session 3. "Marxist Abduction of Indian History - Why Hindus are Not Able to Respond" Prof. Saradindu Mukheriji Dr. Kiran Pattegar8:30 PM (Sat)11:00 AM
9:00 PM (Sat)11:30 AM
Session 4. Keynote Address: "Reasons and Remedies: A historical and current perspective on Hinduphobia in the US"Shri Rajiv MalhotraRicha Gautam9:30 PM (Sat)12:00 PM
10:00 PM (Sat)12:30 PM
Session 5. Distinguished Lecture: "Analysing the roots of the Global narrative on Hindutva"Prof. Bharat GuptRicha Gautam10:30 PM (Sat)1:00 PM
11:00 PM (Sat)1:30 PM
Session 6. Panel: "An Acknowledgement of Historical and Current Hindu Genocide - A Historical overview plus a look at Pakistan Afghanistan and Bangladesh Minority populations"Dr. Omendra Ratnu, Shakella, and Dr. Richard BenkinArti Agarwal11:30 PM (Sat)2:00 PM
12:00 AM (Sun)2:30 PM
Session 7. (a) "Hindu Jewish Friendship - The Anti Semetic Guide and its Applications in the Hindu framework"Dr. Richard BenkinRicha Gautam12:30 AM (Sun)3:00 PM
(b) Talk:"How to Tackle Hinduphobia" Shri George RevutskyRicha Gautam1:00 AM (Sun)3:30 PM
Session 8. Talk:"Why are us Hindus not able to defend our narrative tactfully?"Shri Tahir GoraShri Pranesh Biswas1:30 AM (Sun)4:00 PM
2:00 AM (Sun)4:30 PM
Session 9. Panel: "Battleground Academia - Anti-Hindu Bias in Western Education System"Prof. Nabendu PalDr. Anjali Kanojia2:30 AM (Sun)5:00 PM
3:00 AM (Sun)5:30 PM
Session 10. Distinguished Presentation: "Dismantling Hindu Traditions : Reversing the Tide - A Multipronged Strategy"Mrs. Kamlesh KapurAnjalee Swamy3:30 AM (Sun)6:00 PM
4:00 AM (Sun)6:30 PM
Session 11.Shri Tarek FatahShri Pramod Kumar Buravalli4:30 AM (Sun)7:00 PM
5:00 AM (Sun)7:30 PM
Session 12. Panel: "Caste and Hinduphobia in the US"Shri Sree Iyer and Shri Praveen SinhaRicha Gautam5:30 AM (Sun)8:00 PM
6:00 AM (Sun)8:30 PM
Session 13. "Purging of Democratic Polities through Subversion: J&K & Jihad"Shri Ankur SharmaDr. Rabinder Koul6:30 AM (Sun)9:00 PM
7:00 AM (Sun)9:30 PM
Session 14. (a) Presentation:"Transgenerational Trauma of Hindus - A Psychologist Speaks"Dr. Rajat MitraDr. Arnab Bhattacharya7:30 AM (Sun)10:00 PM
(b) Talk-"Hindus in Bangladesh"Dipan MitraDr. Arnab Bhattacharya8:00 AM (Sun)10:30 PM
Session 15. Feminism and SubalternMadhu Kishwar, Aldrine Deepak, D.K. HariRicha Gautam8:30 AM (Sun)11:00 PM
9:00 AM (Sun)11:30 PM
Session 16. Battleground MediaJia Manjari and Awadhesh MishraPramod Kumar Buravalli9:30 AM (Sun)12:00 AM (Sun)
10:00 AM (Sun)12:30 AM (Sun)
Session 17. Genesis &, Status of Dravidian Movement in Tamil NaduH. RajaN. Gayatri10:30 AM (Sun)1:00 AM (Sun)
11:00 AM (Sun)1:30 AM (Sun)
Session 18. Halal Jihad Shri Vineet Saxena, Shri Pranay Kumar and Shri Jay AhujaN. Gayatri11:30 AM (Sun)2:00 AM (Sun)
12:00 PM (Sun)2:30 AM (Sun)
Session 19. Break12:30 PM (Sun)3:00 AM (Sun)
1:00 PM (Sun)3:30 AM (Sun)
Session 20. Break1:30 PM (Sun)4:00 AM (Sun)
2:00 PM (Sun)4:30 AM (Sun)
Session 21. Break2:30 PM (Sun)5:00 AM (Sun)
3:00 PM (Sun)5:30 AM (Sun)
Session 22. Break3:30 PM (Sun)6:00 AM (Sun)
4:00 PM (Sun)6:30 AM (Sun)
Session 23. Why are Educational Institutions becoming Laboratories of Hindu HatredProf. Sneh Lata TandonN. Gayatri4:30 PM (Sun)7:00 AM (Sun)
5:00 PM (Sun)7:30 AM (Sun)
Session 24. A Hindu View From PakistanMangla Sharma, Dr. Vinesh AryaSanjesh Dhanja5:30 PM (Sun)8:00 AM (Sun)
6:00 PM (Sun)8:30 AM (Sun)

Schedule - Day 2
September 12th, 2021

Session #. TitleSpeaker / PanelistsModeratorIndia (New Delhi)U.S. Eastern (New York)
Session 25. Fireside Chat on Red-White-Green Axis Against HindusSandeep BalakrishnaLakshmiprasad Jonalagadda6:30 PM (Sun)9:00 AM (Sun)
7:00 PM (Sun)9:30 AM (Sun)
Session 26. Red-White-Green Axis Against Hindus in the MediaAjeet BharatiJia Manjari7:30 PM (Sun)10:00 AM (Sun)
8:00 PM (Sun)10:30 AM (Sun)
Session 27. Hindu Temple OwnershipRati Hegde, Uma Anandan, Dr. Chandrakala PadiaDr. Vivek Shankar Natarajan8:30 PM (Sun)11:00 AM (Sun)
9:00 PM (Sun)11:30 AM (Sun)
Session 28. Bharat That is IndiaSatish SharmaRicha Gautam9:30 PM (Sun)12:00 PM (Sun)
10:00 PM (Sun)12:30 PM (Sun)
Session 29. Academic Hinduphobia and what we can do about itMakarand ParanjapeRicha Gautam10:30 PM (Sun)1:00 PM (Sun)
11:00 PM (Sun)1:30 PM (Sun)
Session 30. Red White and Green : Nexus against HinduismSanjay Dixit and Vibhuti JhaRicha Gautam11:30 PM (Sun)2:00 PM (Sun)
12:00 AM (Mon)2:30 PM (Sun)
Session 31. Science, Dharma and Indic Culture: A civilizational ConstructJayant KalawarRicha Gautam12:30 AM (Mon)3:00 PM (Sun)
1:00 AM (Mon)3:30 PM (Sun)
Session 32. "Religious Freedom Act A Way Forward"Sankrant Sanu Richa Gautam1:30 AM (Mon)4:00 PM (Sun)
2:00 AM (Mon)4:30 PM (Sun)
Session 33. Panel on U.S. PoliticsJay Kansara and Purnima NathRajesh Patel2:30 AM (Mon)5:00 PM (Sun)
3:00 AM (Mon)5:30 PM (Sun)
Session 34. Presentation:"Missionaries and conversion factories Jesus and Bible as weapons of conversion"Dr. Koti SreekrishnaRajesh Patel3:30 AM (Mon)6:00 PM (Sun)
4:00 AM (Mon)6:30 PM (Sun)
Session 35. Panel:"American Hindu - Plugging into the Mother Civilizational Imperatives"Sam Geppi, Maheshananda jiRashmi Tantra4:30 AM (Mon)7:00 PM (Sun)
5:00 AM (Mon)7:30 PM (Sun)
Session 36.Kamlesh KapurAnjalee Swamy5:30 AM (Mon)8:00 PM (Sun)
6:00 AM (Mon)8:30 PM (Sun)
Session 37. [SPECIAL] Film Tourism and Education for Bharatiya SanskritiDr. Gulshan SharmaDr. Vivek Shankar Natarajan6:30 AM (Mon)9:00 PM (Sun)
7:00 AM (Mon)9:30 PM (Sun)
Session 38.Anant KumarAnjalee Swamy7:30 AM (Mon)10:00 PM (Sun)
8:00 AM (Mon)10:30 PM (Sun)
Session 39. PLENARY ADDRESS:"The Global Red-White-Green Axis Against Hindus"Kalavai VenkatDr. Vivek Shankar Natarajan8:30 AM (Mon)11:00 PM (Sun)
9:00 AM (Mon)11:30 PM (Sun)
Session 40. Concluding SessionValedictory Speech by Yukti Rathi N. Gayatri9:30 AM (Mon)12:00 AM (Mon)
10:00 AM (Mon)12:30 AM (Mon)