August 29, 2021

Academic Hinduphobia

The departments for the study of ancient India (Indology) and South Asian Studies in the West are the last bastions of colonialism today. In the name of scholarship, which is often hatred and racism in disguise, Hindus are routinely characterized as misogynists, oppressive, anti-minority, irrational, violent and debauched.

2 Comments on “Academic Hinduphobia

Anil Singh
September 10, 2021 at 3:30 am

There is systematic effort to decimate the oldest surviving and most inclusive faith in the world. The government of India should take bold steps against all media which is hinduphobic and against Indian values. The first and mist important thing is to remove the facade of secularism which has protected the anti Hinduism sentiments in name of secularism. Introduction of CAA, NRC and NPR are baby steps to protect the culture of India. Hindus need a country which they can proudly say as their homeland and all efforts of the government should be to protect the Hindu (Sanatan) culture of India.

Ramesh Waghmare
September 10, 2021 at 2:16 am

The Government of India must deny visas to channels that routinely present a false bad side of India and its culture, e.g. BBC. This channel doesn’t criticize Islamic countries because those countries deny visas to channels that present them in a bad light. It is also necessary to recruit Muslim scholars who have a fair view of Hinduism and there are some fitting that category.


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