GHC2021 Panels

1) Indian American Politicians, Green-White-Red Lobbies and Anti-Hindu Political Agendas

Christian and Islamic lobbies have made pacts with Marxists around the globe.  This is not a new phenomenon, though the collusion is now easily visible thanks to social media and other, non-left-wing platforms which highlight what happens in the sewers of lobbies such as CAIR and others.  This panel will seek to explore how well-oiled lobbies from Qatar, China, and even bankrupt Pakistan pour in millions of dollars into American Congress in order to sustain anti-Hindu agendas in India and the diaspora and the related implications.  

This panel also seeks to explore the growing threat of Indian American politicians in the United States Congress and the roots of their anti-India agenda.  Who supports Ro Khanna, Pramila Jayapal, etc.?  Hindu in name but anti-Hindu in their political agendas.  Presentations about tracing the who, what, when, where and why questions, especially related to funding of such representatives to advance anti-Hindu agenda in U.S. Congress is welcome in this panel.  

2) Caste Offensive in the West

Caste is in the picture again.  This time Caste is being utilized as a political tool in the West in order to propagate the anti-Brahmin, anti-Hindu and anti-India narrative building around the globe.  This panel seeks to explore Caste being maligned as an institution and new narratives being built by the likes of Equality Labs, with a special focus on the aggressive anti-Hindu movements in the U.K. and the U.S. 

3) Marxist Intrusion and Indoctrination in Hindu Public Life

Secularization is the name of the game.  Hindu beliefs, rituals and festivals are especially targeted by Marxists either in the name of secularism and wokeism.  This includes a multi-prong approach from attacking festivals such as Diwali, Rakshabandhan, Karva Chauth, etc., and labeling them as causing harm to the environment, backward and patriarchal to attacking the dairy industry under the pretense of protecting of animals while trying to erase long-standing culture and practices.  Hindu processions get shot at by corrupt bureaucrats.  How is this possible and what forces enable and allow this to happen?  This panel seeks to explore the entities behind Marxist intrusions and policies which aim to further separate Hindus from their traditional, cultural practices as well as the threats which the state imposes on Hindus in the name of minority rights and secularism.

4) Universities as Laboratories for Manufacturing Hindu Hate and Aggression

Academia, under the guise of being liberal and all inclusive behaves exactly the opposite.  Hindu administrators, faculty and even students have begun to feel the outright bias and hatred which is exhibited by leftists, Marxists, Jihadi and Christian agendas operating under the excuse of academic freedom.  From micro-aggressions to full fledged hatred, Hindu faculty, especially in the Social Sciences and Humanities are suffering at the hands of those in academia who justify Hindu genocides and pogroms while glorifying psychotic jihads who have continued to butcher Hindus.  This panel seeks to explore methods by which these biased anti-Hindu academics can be exposed.  The panel will also invite discussions on scholarships for minorities and anti-Hindu and biased forms of state support which goes toward soft conversions and further propagation of hate towards Hindu society.  

5) Media and Cancel Culture as Expressions of Colonialism

Hindus are not inclusive, but its okay to exclude the Hindu from the mainstream.  This phenomenon is not new, though it is coming to light more and more in all aspects of life.  The media plays a role in influencing public opinion and thereby behaviors.  Wokeism and cancel culture has systematically continued to destroy Hindu institutions from within.  From mainstream news media operating in the west, to co-opted print and news media in India, the goal is the same – to undermine, shame and create fake narratives about Hindu terror and atrocities against minorities, who in fact are majorities around the world.  Biased industries such as Bollywood play their part in exacerbating the anti-Hindu movement.  This panel will explore the role of media in justifying rape and love jihad, canceling Hindu actors, sportsmen and religious personalities in order to maintain the perceived superiority of colonial though.

6) Corporations and Lobbies: Influence on Voting Behavior and Governance

We all experienced the power of corporations in the last U.S. Presidential election.  When multinational corporations act to manipulate media, advertisements and voting behavior by supporting one candidate and canceling another, democratic processes become victimized.  Corporations and their power lobby groups in D.C. and beyond tend to be shaping what will be shown and advertised in the public sphere.  This panel will explore the trend of corporations behaving like agents of regime change outside of democratic processes and the larger impact on society as freedoms become limited.  

7) The Multi Forms of Jihad and Penetration in Hindu Society

Land, economic, sex, love, marriage, rape, extortion, food, halal, hijab, are all terms associated with jihad.  Politicians to Bollywood to activists and beyond have taken up the idea of waging a street-level war on Hindu society.  This panel will explore historic and contemporary methods used by jihads to advance the Gazwa-e-Hind agenda on Hindus and pagans.  It will also address how the Quran and Mohammad are used as tools of colonization of the Hindu psyche and general existence.  This panel will also address refugees and migrants as political tools which change the demographic and political representation in nations which accept refugees.  

8) Missionaries and Conversion Factories: Jesus and Bible as Weapons of Colonization

Temple takeovers and converting them into churches, hard and soft conversions, ousting of Brahmin priests and appointment of Dalit priests in the name of equality are all concurrent, movements which render the Hindu uprooted and confused from his/her roots.  The west has often operated to uplift the poor brown savage Hindus in exchange for material goods or promises of going to a Christian heaven.  Jesus, Bible, the Easter bunny, Christmas trees and cakes are all used as weapons to colonize the Hindu mind.  This panel will explore covert and overt means of conversions and subversion of Hindu society by missionaries, NGOs and other entities whose main goal is to destroy Hindu society by the way of tyranny of the minority in India.