Two decades after the horrid 9/11 attacks on American soil, the Taliban has now retaken Afghanistan. What does it mean for Hindus and Hinduism? 

There is a need to take a deeper, nuanced look into the causes and consequences of both viz. the 9/11 attack on America and the Taliban’s re-conquest of Afghanistan. On the surface, the two do not appear to be India or Hindu specific. Yet both have direct relevance and serve as dangerous portends for Hindus and Hinduism.

Islam as the Green nexus, Christian as the White nexus and Marxism as the Red nexus are three organized movements which pose a grave civilizational threat to Hindu existence.  These threats also pose challenges to pluralism and democratic principles within the still predominantly Hindu society in India as well as to the Indian diaspora. 

The foundations of these threats exist in not just the three Abrahamic systems rooted in imposition and dominance but are also visible in concept of Modernism, which is nothing but Christianity’s new face, or present-day Marxism.  Meaning, the aggression against Hindus in society historically has and still continues to be felt as part of Islamic invasion and conquests – Delhi Sultanate, Mughal Empire, modern-day threats; Christianity’s invasions – Imperialism, occupations and conversions; Marxist dominance and intrusion in various aspects of Hindu society and public life.  


Instruments of conquest and colonization of interest to the GHC 2021 conference primarily revolve around the collusion and effects of the Green-White-Red nexus on Hinduism and the institutions such as Education, Polity & Governance, Media, and Corporations.