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Global Hindu Conference 2021


Two decades after the horrid 9/11 attacks on American soil, the Taliban has now retaken Afghanistan. What does it mean for Hindus and Hinduism? 

There is a need to take a deeper, nuanced look into the causes and consequences of both viz. the 9/11 attack on America and the Taliban’s re-conquest of Afghanistan. On the surface, the two do not appear to be India or Hindu specific. Yet both have direct relevance and serve as dangerous portends for Hindus and Hinduism.


Rajat Mitra

Psychologist, Author. Research Area - Historical Injustice and Collective Trauma

Rajiv Malhotra

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Public Intellectual, Author. World's leading Hindu Thinker.

Madhu Kishwar

Ex-feminist Intellectual, Author and Publisher. Now at the forefront of the Hindu Intellectual Resistance Movement in India.

Arti Agarwal

New generation of Hindu public intellectual and thought leader. Chronicler of Hindu Genocide.

Bharat Gupt

Professor, Theoretician, Classicist. Thought Leader of the Hindu Renaissance Movement

Ajeet Bharti

Journalist, Author, Entrepreneur | One of the foremost Hindu voices on Internet

H. Raja

Public Intellectual.

Kamlesh Kapur

Teacher, Author and Historian

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